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Green Energy Kratom Powder (Case 25)

Green Energy Kratom Powder (Case 25)

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Beyond Organic

Our kratom trees are grown using sustainable, bio-dynamic agricultural methods and veganically fertilized ensuring each leaf thrives in a natural and balanced environment. By prioritizing the well-being of the plants, we can offer you a product that is pure and potent.

Ethical Trade

Our Kratom is sourced directly from farmers who prioritize sustainable cultivation practices. By choosing our product, you're supporting local communities and ensuring that the people involved in its production are compensated fairly.

Grown in Hawaii

Nestled amidst the lush tropical landscapes of Kauai, our Kratom farm thrives in the fertile volcanic soil, kissed by the gentle Pacific breezes. Here, beneath the canopy of azure skies and surrounded by the harmonious symphony of native fauna, the Kratom leaves mature, absorbing the very essence of this paradise, ensuring a product of unparalleled purity and vitality.

A botanical powerhouse that will revitalize your senses and propel you through your day. An invigorating experience without caffeine, ensuring you stay sharp and focused.

We take immense pride in our commitment to quality and sustainability. Cultivated on the enchanting island of Kauai using Hawaiian-grown bio-diverse methods, our Green Energy Kratom Powder is a culmination of our passion and expertise. By blending five distinct regional varieties of kratom—Borneo, Malaysia, Thai, Sumatra, and Indonesia—we've created a truly exceptional product with a diverse alkaloid profile. By preserving the integrity of the whole leaf before grinding, we deliver a robust and comprehensive kratom experience that captures the full spectrum of benefits.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our cultivation practices. Our kratom trees are fully mineralized using organic methods, ensuring that each leaf thrives in a natural and balanced environment. We believe that by prioritizing the well-being of the plants, we can offer you a product that is pure, potent, and ethically sourced.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant green hues and intoxicating aroma of our Green Energy Kratom Powder. Whether you seek enhanced focus, mental clarity, or a boost of energy to tackle your daily endeavors, our Green Energy is the ideal companion. Try Hawaii Kratom today and unlock the MANA within!

Case: 25 packages.

Package: 40 g (1.41 oz). 30 servings per package.

Ingredients: 100% Kauai-grown kratom leaf (Mitragyna Speciosa).

Dose: Take 1/2 teaspoon (1.33 g) as needed up to 3 times per day. A little of our kratom goes a long way!

Suggested Uses
Daytime (Active): Mix 1/2 teaspoon of powder in 8-16 oz of warm or cold water (citrus to taste), 8 oz OJ (or other juice), tea, smoothie, or your favorite coffee drink.
Evening (Soothing): Soak 1/2 teaspoon of kratom powder in citrus, freeze for 4 hours, and simmer frozen min in 8 oz of water for 10 minutes. Consume powder for max strength or strain and enjoy!

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