Kratom Farmers' Association

Forging Sustainable Partnerships in Agriculture

At the Kratom Farmers' Association (KFA), our mission is rooted in the integration of sustainable Hawaii agriculture, paving the way for both economic prosperity and ecological harmony within the Hawaiian landscape and beyond.

Our Vision

As a cornerstone of our commitment, KFA aims to foster a cohesive ecosystem where all levels of Hawaiian agriculture coalesce seamlessly. Our focus extends from local to national and international fronts, with the ultimate goal of enriching the Kratom industry across these horizons.

Empowering Hawaii's Kratom Farmers

KFA stands as a steadfast ally to Hawaii's Kratom Farmers, offering comprehensive support throughout every facet of the local, national, and global Kratom arena. A pivotal aspect of our dedication is the cultivation of partnerships with Hawaii farmers. We collaborate closely with these farmers to nurture our world-class kratom genetics, encapsulating the essence of Hawaii's fertile soil and unique climate.

Cultivating Economic Viability

Through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts, KFA facilitates the sales of wet Kratom leaf for production and distribution, ensuring equitable pricing and quality controls. We uphold fair market pricing for our members and play an instrumental role in kratom price discovery. Our presence resonates across the spectrum of the kratom industry, nurturing connections on local, national, and international scales.

Membership that Matters

Joining the KFA is not only an opportunity but a movement. Membership is offered free of charge, allowing passionate individuals to unite as a coalition of kratom producers, Farmers, Nurserymen, manufacturers, herbalists, wholesale/retail distributors, Media Marketers, and property managers. As a member, you gain access to exclusive giveaways, discounts, and a wealth of educational resources. Our commitment to expanding our offerings, education, funding, and media outreach remains steadfast and ongoing.

Connect with KFA

Become part of Hawaii's premier coalition dedicated to transforming the landscape of kratom cultivation and trade. Contact us using the form below to learn more about how you can be involved in shaping the future of sustainable and impactful kratom agriculture in Hawaii.

The Kratom Farmers Association: Bridging Agriculture, Sustainability, and Vision.

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