About Us

kratom farmer in Hawaii

Nestled in the verdant heart of Kilauea, on the pristine North Shore of Kauai, lies our farm — a sanctuary where nature's abundance and bio-diversity merge. It is here that we cultivate our premium kratom products, harnessing the unique essence of the Hawaiian soil and climate.

At Hawaii Kratom, we are more than just purveyors of kratom. We are guardians of tradition, blending ancient Hawaiian agricultural practices with modern innovation. Our vision is encapsulated in two Hawaiian words: Lau Pono. In our native tongue, this translates to "Leaf Respect". As the proud offspring of our parent company, Lau Pono, we not only respect every leaf that grows on our soil but also the age-old traditions and the environment from which it springs.

Our Mission

Botanical nutraceuticals cultivated through Hawaiian-grown bio-diverse methods.

Our offerings are vast and varied. From the finely milled whole leaf powder that captures the very soul of our land to the aromatic tobacco-free cigars, elixirs, and teas, each product promises an experience, a journey to the heart of Hawaii.

With every purchase, you don’t just buy a product; you become a part of a lineage, a tradition that respects the land and the bounty it provides. Hawaii Kratom isn't just about consumption; it's about connection — a connection to nature, to tradition, and to oneself.

Come, be a part of our 'ohana (family). Experience the magic of Hawaii, one leaf at a time.