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Ekolu Kratom 3-Pack

Ekolu Kratom 3-Pack

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Beyond Organic

Our kratom trees are grown using sustainable, bio-dynamic agricultural methods and veganically fertilized ensuring each leaf thrives in a natural and balanced environment. By prioritizing the well-being of the plants, we can offer you a product that is pure and potent.

Ethical Trade

Our Kratom is sourced directly from farmers who prioritize sustainable cultivation practices. By choosing our product, you're supporting local communities and ensuring that the people involved in its production are compensated fairly.

Grown in Hawaii

Nestled amidst the lush tropical landscapes of Kauai, our Kratom farm thrives in the fertile volcanic soil, kissed by the gentle Pacific breezes. Here, beneath the canopy of azure skies and surrounded by the harmonious symphony of native fauna, the Kratom leaves mature, absorbing the very essence of this paradise, ensuring a product of unparalleled purity and vitality.

A 3-pack of premium Hawaii Kratom products, meticulously crafted with the utmost care and exclusively cultivated on the enchanting "Garden Island" of Kauai.

Don't know which of our kratom leaf products are right for you? Try all three at a discounted price!

You'll Receive 3 Hawaii Kratom Products To Try

  1. Green Energy Kratom Powder (40 g): a botanical powerhouse that will revitalize your senses and propel you through your day. This remarkable green cure offers an invigorating experience without caffeine, ensuring you stay sharp and focused.
  2. Gold Active Bliss Kratom Powder (40 g): Functional, energetic bliss. Less energy than our green cure, but it will still have you on the go!
  3. Red Soothing Brew Kratom Tea (5 tea bags): Soothing, meditative, chilled-out bliss. Our red cure whole-leaf kratom will take you there. For a daytime functional chill. or evening wind down.

At the heart of our process lies a deep-rooted dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our farmers employ bio-diverse methods, tending the kratom trees with organic fertilizers and environmentally friendly techniques, nurturing the land, and preserving the delicate Hawaii ecosystem. The lush landscapes of Kauai, blessed with a tropical climate and pristine growing conditions, provide an idyllic backdrop for our kratom cultivation, resulting in an exceptional product that stands apart from the rest.

To create our Whole Leaf Kratom Powder, we thoughtfully blend five exceptional regional varieties of kratom—Borneo, Malaysia, Thai, Sumatra, and Indonesia. This harmonious fusion of strains offers a symphony of unique flavors and captivating aromas, ensuring a truly remarkable kratom experience.

We meticulously handpick the finest whole leaves from mature trees, including the invaluable stem and vein. Using whole leaves contributes to our kratom powder's wide and diverse alkaloid profile. With each experience, you will immerse yourself in the full spectrum of kratom's potential.

Further setting our Whole Leaf Kratom Powder apart are our three cures. Through meticulous drying and curing processes, we enhance the alkaloid profile and potency of the kratom leaves. Our Master Curer creates 4 distinct blends of our three cures to create well-balanced alkaloid compositions making our powder a coveted choice among kratom enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled experience.

Experience the synergy of nature and science with Hawaii Kratom's premium Whole Leaf Kratom Powder. Elevate your kratom journey to new heights and embrace the invigorating essence of this remarkable botanical. Don't settle for ordinary - choose the extraordinary. Try one of our four blends today and unlock the MANA within.

Contains: 1 x Green Energy Kratom Powder (40 g), 1 x Gold Active Bliss (40 g), and 1 x Red Soothing Tea (5 tea bags). 

Ingredients: 100% Kauai-grown kratom leaf (Mitragyna Speciosa).

Certificate of Analysis

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